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Our four and a half hectares of vineyards are located in the village of Villa del Bosco (Biella), more exactly in an amazingly well exposed  fraction called Pianelle, at 400 mt a.s.l.
The ground is sandy soil with a color ranging from pale yellow to dark red/brown depending on the oxidation level of the metal elements.

The prevalence of porphyry, the rich pool of elements in the underground, the favorable thermal shocks and the soil pH, give to the wines of this area a typical flavor and aroma that we are trying to enhance and preserve.

The vines assortment is adapted to produce the classic Bramaterra Doc and the Coste della Sesia red Doc and includes, among the rest, the star of the vines in Piemonte, the Nebbiolo (locally called spanna); the rest is composed of autochthonous vines as Croatina, Vespolina, Barbera and ‘Uva rara’.

We also produce a small quantity of Chardonnay enriched from the land of very peculiar mineral and naturally scented perceptions.
The average age of our vines is around 20 years old and we cultivate following the Guyot method The company’s policy is that a professional and serious job in the vineyard is the key for obtaining premium quality grapes and consequently superior wines.

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