Knowing how to Drink

Knowing how to drink means tasting what you drink; we could therefore leave the task of quenching our thirst to water or soft drinks and to wine the pleasure of detecting the most assorted sensations such as thetaste of grapes, flowers, fruits, honey and of mellow, relaxing (as in effect they have been classified) thousands of aromas, which lead to beautiful and sweet thoughts, leaving no room for negativity.

Judging the various shades of colour of a thousand and one wines, correlating them to the environment in which they were produced and then sipping a glass of wine matched to the correct food... this means knowing how to drink.

Is it possible that drinking like this could cause any harm?
We should teach these concepts to young people before they begin drinking alcoholic beverages.

M. Baspeyris (Le vin médicin, Ed. Minerve, 1986) suggested the five commandments of daily drinking knowledge:

1. What to drink? Red, white or sparkling wine.
2. Why? For pleasure and health.
3. When? Only during meals.
4. How? Very slowly.
5. How much? One glass per meal for women and two for men.

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