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We are located in Brusnengo
We are harvesting manually in baskets for keeping the grapes as best as possible at their arrival in the winery, where the whole process for making wine takes place: the main goal, during this phase, is to preserve in the wine the peculiarities of the area by making controlled fermentation, frequent mixing of the liquid and a good maceration on the skins for extracting as much as possible aromatic and mineral elements.

All this to achieve an important and elegant wine.

The Bramaterra gets a 24 month aging in a big oak barrel, while the Coste della Sesia gets a 18 month aging in three times used French oak Barriques.

The goal is to make the best balance between the velvet and soft tannins coming from the wood and the tanginess, the aromatic and mineral feelings of the ground.

For this reason our best barrels are continuously monitored and checked.
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