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An excellent wine from the hills surrounding  Biella

A wine characterized by its deep red colour, developing over time a hint of orange; intense aromas, with notes of violet  and raspberry; dry and clean on the palate, mellow with a slightly bitter aftertaste, as is typical of great wines.

It is obvious that a wine of such description can be none other than a Bramaterra doc, a delicious wine born in the hillside surrounding Biella, at the foot of the Monte Rosa mountain.

And it is in a small town called Villa del Bosco in this region where you will find our Roccia Rossa winery.

Roccia Rossa is a small winery which has joined other producers to promote the awareness and acceptance of Bramaterra wine; it has played a pivotal role in its distribution and its marketing as a fine wine to rank alongside the greats

Despite being located in a region renowned for its wine-growing, the actual production of Bramaterra is limited to 30-40 cwt per hectare, because the terrain consists 80% of rock.

This Bramaterra is far more than just a good quality wine; Roccia Rossa has taken upon itself to ensure the highest quality by limiting the output from its vines.

The production area of the Bramaterra is in the Alto Piemonte department and includes the villages of Masserano, Brusnengo, Curino, Roasio, Sostegno, Villa del Bosco e Lozzolo.
It covers an extensive range of hills  between the Lessona area and the Gattinata area.
The disciplinary says:
“The wines DOC “Bramaterra” e “Bramaterra riserva” has to be composed of vines in the following percentages:
  • Nebbiolo (Spanna) between 70 - 80 %;
  • Croatina: up to a maximum of 10 - 15 %;
  • Uva rara and Vespolina alone or together up to a maximum of 10 - 15 %.